Passing time

Over the years I’ve been quite reluctant about X-Day Challenges. Not for what they did, but for the commitment it required. It seemed like too much sometimes. I’d ask myself, ‘what if I don’t feel like painting one day’ or ‘how will I squeeze in a painting during my finals.’ Always an excuse like that, […]

Digital commissions are now open!

I’m very excited to announce that digital commissions will be accepted as of tomorrow, Monday 14th of December. I will be accepting commissions from the new “Commissions” menu bar, and I’m looking forward to creating the artworks you will be requesting. Use the form to enter your name and email address, as well as describing […]

The unethical side of being inspired: is retracing wrong?

There is little way to create if you’re not getting inspired by some source or another. But what is considered ‘getting inspired?’ Some artists make the mistake of unethically retracing the work of well-known and lesser-known artists as a way to grow in their techniques and vision. How wrong could this be and what is […]

Are sources of inspiration changing in the arts?

It’s getting pretty difficult to keep track of the times. Everyday a new event changes the way we work and live, and for some of us being inspired is part of that change. For me, it has been exceptionally difficult this year to focus on the right sources of inspiration that will fuel my mind […]

Is painting waste-free a good investment?

This is Revival Guy. He’s wondering why there are so many art supplies scattered at the beach! Many artists have turned away from traditional pencil and paper, but not only for digital convenience. There are many reasons that cause paper to go out of style, and landfill is one of them. As artists, we must […]

How to color outside the lines

It has become a cliche, to “color inside the lines.” There is no artistic reasoning behind such demand, and in fact, the possibilities are not endless. So why should an artist base their work on outlining? Good question. They shouldn’t; they don’t have to. For many beginner artists and children, it is stressful to control […]